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Episode One - 

Beasts of the Mud

Episode Two - 


Episode 3 -

All Creatures Great and Small


Menagerie is a new podcast from Tom Fairbairn and Rob Oldham, produced by Jake Wood. 

It concerns the spiritual and the profane, the profound and the idiotic, and may be enjoyed by those who are 'authentic' as well as those who are riven with hypocrisy.

This week's instalment is called

Tom Fairbairn

Tom Fairbairn is a writer focusing mainly on human beings and charismatic animals. His work deals with the intersection between reason and insanity. Ultimately he wants to be respected as a classical disco funk musical artist.

Rob Oldham

Rob Oldham is Tom Fairbairn's mate [citation needed.] He is doing stand up in rooms both above and below pubs. His worst sin is envy, his best sin is gluttony.

Jake Wood

Jake Wood is an audio producer but first and foremost he’s just a kid trying to make good in the big city. Hobbies include modernist crochet and running a media empire from his bedroom in South East London. 

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